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Manual Pumps

Manually operated with the same precision in delivering the lubricant

These pumps are suitable for many small machines and generally for single point lubrication. Depending from the model they are applicable also to Single and Dual Line systems for both oil and grease. 
Provided of transparent plastic or metal reservoirs, they go from 0,5 to 12 litre.

The machines that could use manual pumps lubrication need to be light and have a stipulated lubrication parts ranging between 1-20 in number. Manual Pump Equipments are once again like Grease Pumps made up of translucent acrylic reservoir that contains & stores grease. The rest of the equipment is very much like the Grease Pump except that the Manual Pump Equipment enable the checking of the reverse flow of grease.

Please make your choice between Oil manual pumps or Grease manual pumps and in case you don't find here your product, please contact DropsA for further information. 


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