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DropsA España, S.L.


DropsA España was established in 2017 and immediately became a benchmark for Spain’s centralised lubrication system market.
From the headquarters in Barcelona, DropsA meets the requirements of their clients and distributors across Spain, providing a wide range of services: pre- and after-sales, engineering, application development, training, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of centralised lubrication systems manufactured in Milan (Italy) since 1946.


DropsA España S.L. supplies its equipment to a wide range of industries, including machine tools, automotive, paper mills, metal, Food & Beverage, energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, On&Off Road, agriculture, renewable energy, textile machinery, packaging, cement, Oil & Gas, mining, handling and transport, rail transport, and many other niche markets, in which lubrication process optimisation of any friction element is essential.

Quick delivery from the local warehouse, assembly of components and equipment, diagnostics and in-house repair services, turnkey installations across the country, relying on internal resources and specialised distributors.



Antonio J. Cano – Area Manager Spain


DropsA España, S.L.

Calle Miguel Servet, 1-3 Nave 5
Polígono Industrial Camí Ral
08860 – Castelldefels
Barcelona - Spain