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Dropsa Lubrication Systems (Shanghai) Co., LTD

Welcome to DropsA Lubrication Systems (Shanghai) Co., LTD


DropsA lubrication systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was set up on 2007 and is located in Songjiang District Shanghai. We are a subsidiary of DropsA SPA and are in charging of sales and service work in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
DropsA China has a professional sales, engineering and service team. We offer design, commission and training service at our premises.

DropsA China has supplied excellent products and services to varies industries throughout China, Hong Kong and Taiwan such as metallurgy, marine and offshore, energy, mining, pulp and paper industry, machine tools, food and beverage, and many more.


Customer Services

Welcome to DropsA China, We shall be proud to show you our extensive range of  DropsA products and applications.

Tell us your needs, you won’t be disappointed.


DropsA Lubrication Systems (Shanghai)

Nr 8 Dongxing Road,
Songjiang Industrial Zone
Shanghai, China 
Tel: +86 (021) 67740275
Fax: +86 (021) 67740205