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DropsA GMBH is located in Düsseldorf and is the main European distributor and sales office exclusively for DropsA lubrication systems.
DropsA provides good quality advice, training and customer support on lubrication systems and equipment.
Operations Info
DropsA services all types of Industries including:
Heavy Plant, Mining, Material Handling, Chemical, Agriculture machines, machine tools, wind turbines, automotive Industry, food Industry, textile industry, paper Industry as well as many more.
Warehouse supply, onsite assembly and repair services also form part of the key part of the DropsA GMBH operations.
- New applications and new systems design.
- Training centre for DropsA technical partners and sales partners.
- Customer demonstration facilities


Customer Services

Vertriebsbüro Nord:
Matthias Fischer
Tel: 0211 30155810
Vertriebsbüro Ost:
Anna Fedor
Tel: 0211 30155813
Vertriebsbüro Süd:
Frank Müller
Tel: +49 7022 24933 430
Vertriebsbüro West:
Tobias Brändlin
Tel: 0211 30155817


DropsA GmbH

Klosterstraße 20
40211 Düsseldorf, Deutschland
Tel: (+49) 0211/39 4011
Fax:(+49) 0211/39 4013