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Partner Classification

In order to better assist in the selection of a suitable partner for your requirements we have provided key classifications.
Below are the description of the classification categories used in our evaluation.

Full Range Stocking Distributor
Carries an extensive line of Dropsa product lines offering off-the-shelf delivery on all major Dropsa product lines.
Stocking Distributor
The distributor carries a key range of Dropsa product Lines and spare parts ensuring quick turn around on key spare parts and major components for the reference market.

Product Support Point
Can provide pre and post-sales support and troubleshooting information on all main line Dropsa products. 
Technical Design and Engineering Service
Has the ability to provide full system design, engineering, drawings and schematics on the major Dropsa product lines.
Installation, Maintenance and Site Services
Can provide installation, maintenance and general on-site service for the overall Dropsa product line. 
Specialist Industry Knowledge Partner
The distributor has extensive specialist knowledge on applying lubrication technology to specific industries with in-depth knowledge relating to the industry, processes and operating methods.  
Please visit the distributor profile page for further details. 
MQL Machining Application Partner
The distributor is able to provide consultancy on how to apply Dropsa Minimal Quantity Lubrication for ‘near dry machining’ application on existing and new machines, including installation support, optimization, cutting and tooling advice  on how to achieve optimal performance on MQL applications.
Dropsa Certified Partner
Dropsa has audited the distributor stocking, assembly and inspection processes and has certified it as compliant to our assembly and test procedures.