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Pump Series 12100

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Pump Series 12100

Manual pump for oil lubrication systems with meter units

Key features:
- MAX pressure: 3 bar (44,1 psi)
- Flowrate: 15 cm3 / stroke (0,91

- Lubricant: oil, viscosity: 100 to 250 cSt (462 ÷ 1157 SUS)


Two-outlet piston pump with pin valves for setting the flow.
Placed in a central position with respect to the two out-let lines, it allows system extension. It may operate on a single line while the other line is plugged, or by simply shutting off the pin valve.

By pulling up the control handle, the distribution cylinder is filled while a spring is loaded. When the handle is released, that spring will act on the piston by pushing lubricant into the delivery piping.

Relative value
The relative value determines the number of the Single Line 01 distribution cylinders which the pump may supply continusly for a time of 5 minutes. 






Manuals and 3D Models

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    0012100 PUMP-MAN-15CC+BYPASS-FOR 01
    0012105 PUMP-MAN-15CC-W/OUT BYPASS-01

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