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Head office: No3, Alley 170/45/7, Hoalam St,
                  Ducgiang Ward,Longbien Dist,Hanoi,Vietnam
Office: Room 202, P2 Building,Viethung Urban,
           Longbien Dist,Hanoi,Vietnam
Tel: (+84) 04.36524421
Fax: (+84) 04.36524423


Thaison Ltd company - an engineering one - specialised in Hydraulics and Pneumatics in Viet Nam. We design, supply, commissioning and test Hydraulic and Pneumatic system for many industrial application.

THAISON LTD located in Hanoi capital-the North of Vietnam. The areas which THAISON LTD can support is 64 province of Vietnam.
Have some industries THAISON LTD can cover are: OEM, Shipbuildings, Steel Mills, Cement Factories, Sugar Mills, Ceramic Tile Factories, Mobile Equipment.
THAISON LTD have one work shop, so we can design by CAD-3D, manufacture, installation, running, testing the systerm.