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DropsA BM Germany GmbH


DropsA BM Germany GmbH has been a renowned manufacturer and supplier of lubrication systems for machine builders since 1946.

In the late 1990s, the development and production of the first systems for minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) for metal-cutting was started and successfully brought to the market. 

Bielomatik was the first manufacturer to offer both 1-channel and 2-channel MQL systems for supplying lubricant to the tools through the spindle.

Bielomatik's MQL systems are used particularly in the series production of engines in the automotive industry. Here, the MQL has proven itself as a resource-saving and cost-effective production technology.

Through continuous further development of the technology, also in cooperation with universities and tool manufacturers, it has been possible to equip ever more demanding processes with this technology and to supply ever smaller tools with sufficient lubricant at the point of action with the help of MQL.

Due to the long-term experience with 1-channel as well as 2-channel MQL-systems, DropsA BM Germany Gmbh is able to equip the most different processes already from lot size 1 with the optimal MQL-system for the respective application.

In addition to the MQL product line, DropsA BM Germany GmbH also designs and manufactures a range of highly reliable and precise lubrication components for numerous industrial application. 

DropsA BM Germany GmbH is the former lubrication division of bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG acquired by DropsA at the start of 2020.




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