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About Dropsa

Centralized lubrication system manufacturer

Since 1946 Dropsa has been producing centralized lubrication systems and components developing many ideas and products that have shaped our industry.
Today our innovation is ever present showcasing new products and technology to the global market.

Headquarter Dropsa

Mission & Values

Develop high performance simple-to-use products that address customer applications in a cost effective manner.
Maximize customer profitability and productivity by offering cutting edge technology in systems, components and operation.
Provide quick response times, installation and support to customers operating both at local and global level.
Maintain excellent standards to all customer locations worldwide with our network of Dropsa companies and specialized distribution channels.
Establish a global presence with exceptional support. 


Research & Development

Our dedicated product R&D facility includes all the latest tools for developing products: advanced 3D solid modeling, CAD/CAM, Rapid prototyping and 3D Printing capabilities, Finite Element Modeling (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Environmental reliability, testing facilities and product life cycle testing equipment allow our engineers to develop and test new products and technology.

Dropsa products conform to worldwide machine safety and emissions standards. We hold numerous world-wide patents. Additionally, we have specialized resources to develop hazardous area compatible products to ATEX or API standards

Production Dropsa

Production & Innovation

All our production and assembly facilities operate under extensive quality monitoring and product tracking to ensure both the highly efficient machining and assembly of products to exacting specifications.

Our machining and automated assembly production facility based near Milan, Italy, is equipped with some of the most advanced manufacturing systems in the industry operated around-the clock with real time updating and monitoring.

Dropsa's own minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) near dry machining technology has been applied across our machining facilities allowing substantial progress in productivity and elimination of water based coolant from metal cutting operations. The result is an energy efficient and environmentally friendly production facility. The entire production facility is internet-enable, which allows our manufacturing engineers to monitor production machines and assembly lines in real time from any location.

Continuous investments in automated assembly lines have meant production components are produced at globally competitive costs whilst maintaining outstanding quality and first class performance standards