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The most effective entry level manual lubrication pump for small machinery

Key features:
- Up to 5cm³ per cycle.
- Practical and Elegant transparent reservoir.
- Incorporates Outlet Manifold block
- Standard Pressure gauge can be fitted on outlet
- Snap on Refilling cap and filter for safe operation.
- Patented Pump mechanism is both simple and reliable
- Number of parts reduced by over 50% over previous versions.



The SMILE Manual Pump is one of the most effective low-cost entry level manual pumps available offering exceptional quality, compactness and reliability at an unbeatable price.
It can be used as a single point lubrication pump or on an Orifice Metering System to provide oil lubrication on many small machines.
The SMILE Manual Pump is to be utilized for guides, bearings and machine tools applications. Designed for high performance at a low cost, it is distinguished by its compactness. The pump is composed of a control
handle, a pump assembly and a transparent reservoir with capacity 500 cm³.







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