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Recirculating Oil Lubrication Systems

The key to a good oil re-circulating lubrication system is the precise regulation and exact monitoring of the lubricant supply to each lubrication point. Dropsa has developed patented world leading technology to achieve this with remote diagnostics to ensure that the oil recirculation system is always operating at peak efficiency.

Recirculating Oil


Oil re-circulation involves a continuous oil flow to the lubrication points. This oil is controlled both in quantity and temperature, it is collected by drains piping and returned to a supply tank. The oil is therefore "re-circulated" back to the point.

When the oil flows through the lubrication point it does not only act as a lubrication agent but also removes a large amount of heat from the bearing or lubrication area. The oil is the transported away and back to the lubrication tank.

Oil re-circulation is used extensively in the power industry and pulp and paper industry allowing for increases in operating speed and performance thanks to the fast change-over of lubricant that removes heat and provides full-oil immersion lubrication.



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Engineering & Project Management

Oil recirculation systems are often singular and specifically engineered for a particular application. Therefore having a partner that can assist in each phase of the project is important. Dropsa is beside the customer during all phases of development with the provision of the site survey, pump station design, manufacture, installation and turn-key implementation of oil re-circulation systems.