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Grease Lubrication Systems

greasing lubrication

Automatic Greasing - Centralized grease lubrication systems

Grease lubrication has a wide field of application ranging from small machines such as woodworking machinery to large heavy industry such as steel plants or paper mills.

The large section of grease pumps packages suitable for centralized greasing systems together with many custom design options allows any grease lubrication to be developed reliably and cost-effectively.
In the grease lubrication systems, the pumps for grease provide a proper amount of grease to the lubrication points.

The most popular used for automatic grease lubrication are Dual Line and Progressive Dividers.

greasing lubrication

The two different types of automatic greasing systems:

Dual Line lubrication System

The modular design pioneered by DropsA allows easy configuration and expansion of the system. Active components can be substituted during maintenance without the need to disrupt the interconnecting pipe-work.

This type of grease lubrication system is suitable for industry with large machines and many lubrication points: iron and steel industry, cement plants, platforms, large cranes and cargo handling equipment.

Progressive lubrication System
The Progressive Divider distributes the flow of a pump into separate 'progressive outlets' by the use of a progressive spool arrangement. Positive lubrication feedback for all of the points can be achieved by monitoring one outlet with a cycle sensor.

The modular concept allows for the quick replacement of an element without interrupting the work cycle.

This solution is suitable for small, medium and large sized machines that require a total control of plant operations (machine tools, wood working machines, presses and textiles machines).
greasing lubrication

Modular centralized lubrication stations

An innovative concept adaptable to all greasing lubrication systems needs.

DropsA modular stations are customized, starting from the pump: electrical, SUMO type, Mini-SUMO, BRAVO, ect.; pneumatic or barrel (with removable or fixed base), air treatment unit (in the case of pneumatic pump), electrical control panel ect.

Even complex systems can be manufactured, including in one solution for example an electric pump for dual line systems with a barrel pump for automatic refilling of the first one, all controlled by a device that establishes working cycles and that controls operation, status, alarms and interfaces with customer's system.