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Air/Oil minimal lubrication system with electronic monitoring designed for integration with Machine Control

Key features:
- Operating Voltage: 24 V DC
- Power Consumption: 60 V A
- Air Pressure: 5 ÷ 8 bar (73.5 ÷ 117.6 psi)
- Output Signals: 24 V Logic signals
- Temperature: -5 ÷ +55 °C (23 °F ÷ 131°F)
- Max Humidity: 90% max
- IP Protection Grade: IP-44
- Lubricant: Oil
- Lubricant Viscosity: 32 ÷ 220 cSt (150 ÷ 1018 SUS)
- Storage temperature: -20 ÷ +65 °C (-4 °F ÷ 149 °F)



The Vip4Air/Slave system can be used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from bearing, high speed bearing & spindle lubrication to sophisticated dry machining application where precise but variable quantities of lubricant need to be injected onto the machining area with the key feature of providing positive lubrication feedback to the host (timing control) system.

The Host system can control the lubrication cycle simply by operating a solenoid installed prior to the Vip4Air/Slave system.

The Vip4Air/Slave's incoporated electronics monitors the air pressure via an electronic transducer to determine the start and monitoring of the lubrication cycle thus providing a feedback via the remote connector of completed lubrication cycle.

Additionally the electronics will provide air pressure monitoring information and low level condition to the host machine.

A Manual button is located on the Vip4Air/Slave unit that the user can use to send a signal back to the host machine either to trigger a lubrication cycle or for any other function that may be required (for example priming).

This highly compact unit can be installed directly onto the machine requiring no other special auxillary equipment to operate it.





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    Part numbers - Models found

    Availability Part Number Description Price Lot Size Buy
    3135141 VIP4/SLAVE-24V DC 1 POINT
    3135142 VIP4/SLAVE-24V DC 2 POINTS
    3135146 VIP4/SLAVE-24V DC 6 POINTS

    Part numbers - Accessories found

    Availability Part Number Description Price Lot Size Buy
    3130139 FILTER-OIL FILTER-INLET 165/32
    5717300 TUBE NYLON 6.6 4X3

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