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VIP4Air/Continuous Air

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VIP4Air/Continuous Air

Continuous Air-Oil Lubrication System

Key features:
- Power supply voltage 24 VDC - 110 VAC
- Electrical input 10 W
- Air supply pressure 5 - 8 bar (73.5÷117.6 PSI)
- Lubricant Synthetic mineral Oil
- Oil viscosity (at working temperature) 32÷220cSt (149.9÷1018 SUS)
- Output signal Remote alarm contact: max. 250 V 1 A NO/NC
- Working temperature +5 ÷ +55 °C (+41÷+131°F)
- Working humidity 90% max.
- Protection class IP-44
- Storage temperature -20÷+65 °C (-4÷+149°F)



The lubrication system VIP4Air /Continuous Air has been designed to guarantee high performance at low price and is characterised by compactness. It has been conceived for use on:
- spindles;
- machine tool;
The panel is composed of a central unit which manages the entire system regulating and controlling the operation of the dividing and mixing modules, which are made up of pneumatically controlled mini-pumps and the mixing bases.
Mini-pumps can be arranged with different spacers in order to vary the flow rate and satisfy any requirement.
A flow control is integrated inside the mixing base, which is used by the central unit to verify the correct functioning of the equipment.
Modularity makes the system extremely versatile: up to 8 mixing bases can be mounted on each unit.
The high technology allows a total control of the lubrication while the simplicity of installation makes unnecessary the use of movable connections.






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