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VIP4Tools Coaxial

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VIP4Tools Coaxial

A Complete Solution for a wide range of Air/Oil and Dry Machining Applications

Key features:
- Operating Air Pressure: 5 ÷ 8 bar (74 ÷ 118 psi)
- Operating Temperature: -10 ÷ +80 °C (14°F ÷ 176°F)
- Humidity: 90% max
- Lubricants: Mineral Oil
- Level Switch, Max Load :50 W
- Level Switch, Max Current: 1 A
- Level Switch, Max Voltage: 220 V CA



The Vip4Tools Coaxial lubrication system has been designed to guarantee high performance at low price and is characterised by compactness.

It has been conceived for use on:
- machine tools
- chains

The system is made of sub-base assembled to pneumaticoperated mini-pumps with manual regulation, which can satisfy any need: from 0 to 30mm³.
The technological innovation of the system consists in coaxiality: oil is injected through a capillary pipe (Ø3 mm - 0.11 in.) up to the air-oil lubrication nozzle, at the same time, the air flows to the same nozzle through another pipe (Ø6 mm - 0.23 in.), coaxial to the previous.

The Vip4Tools Coaxial main unit can be fitted with a pneumatic timer, that automatically cycles the system or alternatively with a 3-way solenoid valve for applications where the time interval is controlled by the host machine.

Additionally each lubrication outlet can be individually regulated from 0-30 mm³ of oil discharge.
Some of key advantages of Dropsa Vip4Tools Coaxial:
- Increased Tool Life 
- Significant Reduction in Lubricant Usage. 
- No Work-area Mist 
- Clean Machined Parts





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