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The most complete and compact Minimal Air/Oil Lubrication System available today

Key features:
- Voltage: 24 V DC 110 V AC
- Power: 10 W
- Air Pressure Inlet: 5 ÷ 8 bar (73.5 ÷ 117.6 psi)
- Output Signal:  Remote Alarm relay: max 250 V 1 A NO / NC
- Operating Temperature: -  ÷ +55 °C (23 ÷ 131°F)
- Humidity: 90% max
- Protection: IP-44
- Lubricants: Mineral Oils
- Oil Viscosity: 32 ÷ 220 cSt (150 ÷ 1018 SUS)
- Reservoir capacity: 1 lt


Air/Oil Minimal lubrication is a relatively new technology that has been used successfully to substitute costly Oil Re-circulation and non environmentally-sound Mist Systems. It has provided excellent results both in terms of performance and total system cost.

It is ideal for use on Bearings, High Speed Bearings, Gears and also in certain circumstances on Guides. It is particularly suited to Spindle Lubrication.

In the past, excessive oil has been used often only to ensure that the 'system is working'. This oil generates heat and has to be collected away from the lubrication point.

Dropsa has taken the 'minimal lubrication' concept one step further with the VIP4Air that can achieve ultra-low volume oil discharge and at the same time provide electronic monitoring (using a custom designed differential flow sensor integrated into the unit).

This allows true minimal lubrication by applying micro-amounts of lubricants at more frequent intervals whilst giving positive feedback that oil is correctly being injected and mixed into the air stream.

The VIP4Air System contains all components necessary to achieve and monitor optimum minimal Air/Oil Lubrication, like:

-  Integrated Mixing Air Pressure Transducer provides accurate and quick setting of Air Pressure on the electronic display, as well as providing alarms for blocked or broken lubrication lines via high/low air pressure monitoring
- Automated Priming Sequence for quick and easy installation
- Integrated & Compact - Connections are internal to the unit
Air/Oil Minimal Lubrication 
For continuous air flow:
- Provides Cooling
- Provides Transport Medium
- Prevents Contamination and ingress of water or dirt

For cyclic micro-oil injection:
- Reduces friction
- Minimal quantities avoid 'churning' and heat generation
- No Excess Oil
- Frequent lubrication intervals help thermal stability of system





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