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VIP AIR 4.0: minimal Air/Oil lubrication of high-speed spindles

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VIP AIR 4.0: minimal Air/Oil lubrication

Minimal lubrication system with advanced diagnostics

Key features:
Working voltages: 24 ±10% VDC
Supply air pressure: 5 ÷ 8 bar
Operating temperature: -5 ÷ +50 [23 ÷ +122] °C [°F] 
Operating humidity: 90 max %
Degree of protection: IP 65
Lubricants: Oil
Oil viscosity atworking pressure: 32 ÷220 cSt
Storage temperature: -20 ÷ 65 [-4 ÷ +149] °C [°F]
Air supply: Tube Ø8
Air/Oil outputs: Tube Ø4
Digital inputs: N°1
Digital outputs: N°1
Power connector: M12x1 – 4 Male Pin
Signals connector: M12X1 – 4 Female Pin


VIP AIR 4.0 represents the technological evolution of minimal Air/Oil  lubrication systems for high-speed spindles operating within machine tools.

This solution injects micro-quantities of lubricant precisely into the air stream, at regular intervals, all while being monitored by an advanced diagnostics and control system with Industry 4.0 and IoT Connectivity capabilities.

The central module can manage up to four mixing bases, (eight mini-pumps/outputs), and communicates the status of the entire system through IO-LINK or DROPSA.APP platform, via IoT connectivity.

Additionally, the integrated touch screen display facilitates the management and real-time monitoring of all the functions of the application.

These features help manage lubrication cycles and monitor complete system status with advanced level controls.

The system can operate in 2 ways:
- A completely autonomous, which allows a stand-alone installation with remote diagnostics via IO-Link and IoT.
One in IO-Link mode, for the management of the entire product remotely via PLC.

VIP AIR 4.0 is the ideal solution for the minimal Air/Oil l lubrication of high-speed spindle bearings of various types of machine tools.

This application injects a minimum and calibrated quantity of Air/Oil directly onto the sliding surface of spindles to reduce wear and overheating. Thus, increasing the useful life cycle, resulting in a general increase in machine productivity.

The benefits of Air/Oil minimal lubrication:

For continuous air flow:
- Provides Cooling
- Provides Transport Medium
- Prevents Contamination and ingress of water or dirt

For micro-oil injection:
- Reduces friction
- Minimal quantities avoid 'churning' and heat generation
- No Excess Oil
- Frequent lubrication cycles help thermal stability of system




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