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Total Loss Lubrication.
Grease Lubrication.
Recirculating Oil.
Air/Oil Lubrication.
Near Dry Machining.
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Everything you need to build your lubrication system

nP-Npr nano Progressive

nano Progressive-nP Setting a new standard in progressive lubrication systems.


A new approach for entry-level centralized lubrication system


The economic solution for oil and fluid grease lubrication

SUMO electric pump

The perfect lubrication solution for heavy duty industry

Automatic lubrication even - 40 °C

Efficient lubrication and long life for bearings even    at - 40 °C for the Sandvik in China.

29BI-MU 2014

Satisfied Visitors and great interest in Dropsa products: the summary of DropsA’s exhibits at the BI-MU  machine tool trade show.