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Total Loss Lubrication.
Grease Lubrication.
Recirculating Oil.
Air/Oil Lubrication.
Near Dry Machining.
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New Track-Lube

Reliable and foolproof system of internal side of rail track

nano-Progressive nP Aluminium

nano-Progressive nP Aluminium Progressive lubrication systems designed to resist rust formation


to reducing costs and improving  the workplace

Automatic lubrication for wind generator 

Three products which lubricate the generator and support bearings accurately and always under the customer's control.

Dropsa Solution for Marine&Offshore

Dropsa assists and advises the customer from start to finish of the project

SUMO electric pump

The perfect lubrication solution for heavy duty industry

Automatic lubrication even - 40 °C

Efficient lubrication and long life for bearings even    at - 40 °C for the Sandvik in China.