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Versatile and compact multi-outlet grease pump

Key features:
- 10 pumping elements
- Flow rate:                        Multiline: 0.005 – 0.01 – 0.015 – 0.025 – 0.05  cm3/cycle
                                          Basic: 0.14 – 0.26 cm3/cycle
- Operating pressure:        Multiline: 200 bar
                                          Basic: 280 bar
- Operating temperature:  -40 ÷ +60°C
- N° outputs:                      8 – Multiline
                                          2 – Basic
- Reservoir:                       1-2-4 kg 
- Lubricant:                        Grease NLGI 000 ÷ 2


The FEMTO Pump is a multi-outlet grease electric pump designed for small to medium lubrication systems.

This solution is characterized by its high versatility, which makes it suitable for both Multiline systems and Progressive systems.

- In Multiline solutions, the application’s eight pumping elements provide lubrication directly to the end point.

- In Progressive systems, the larger two pumping elements provide the proper amount of lubricant to the machine points through progressive dividers.  

Therefore, it is possible to extend the system depending on lubrication requirements.

The FEMTO pump is made of plastic material, an aspect that makes it competitive in terms of cost and durability. Available versions include a stirring paddle or follower plate.

- Ability to select from several different pumping elements depending on the application requirements
- Quick and easy assembly
- Possible to configure for a wide range of applications
- Sensor to detect minimum lubricant level, available in all versions
FEMTO Pump is suitable for the grease lubrication of earth-moving machines, machine tools, in the wind energy sector, and in general for the installation on small to medium sized lubrication systems.



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