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DropsA exhibiting at EMO HANNOVER 2023


Minimal quantity lubrication for the metalworking industry

DropsA participates in EMO HANNOVER 2023
the world's leading trade fair dedicated to metalworking

DATE: 18-23/09/2023 
PLACE: Hannover - Germany


Lubrication solutions for machine tools

As complex processing systems, machine tools require perfect lubrication of the machine components, in order to guarantee flawless performance and drastically reduce wear and maintenance costs. ·

- DropsA has been studying targeted and versatile solutions for decades, which adapt to every specific need, with the guarantee of very high reliability;
- DropsA has an entire range of products: covering oil, fluid grease or grease for slide-lubrication solutions, recirculating oil for cooling and gearbox applications, air-oil for bearings and MQL near dry machining for chip cutting applications.

By visiting Dropsa’s booth, you will have the opportunity to discover the wide offer of systems for the various types of machine tools, such as milling machines, lathes, saw machines, broaching machines, drills, CNC working centres, and straightening machines.

You will discover the latest innovative MQL lubrication solutions specific for all cutting operations and machine tool processing.

You will meet our experts who will present our products and offer you the solution best suited to your needs:
- automated lubrication systems;
- solutions for oil lubrication, utilizing oil pumps which can create a thin lubricant film that protects machine components;
- grease lubrication systems, providing a precise amount of grease to lubrication points, utilizing separate progressive outlets; an ideal solution for machine tools of different sizes, with many points to lubricate and which require total control of the system.

Some products will be presented such as: 
- the revolutionary MaXtreme, a solution for micro-aerosol, minimal quantity lubrication (MQL) machining that is ideal for the most demanding and high performance near-dry machining applications requiring external, internal and through-the-tool minimal quantity lubrication; 
- the Vip Air 4.0 product range, solutions designed for the monitoring and control of precise air-oil lubricant flow, suitable for cooling processes and carrying defined quantities of miniscule air-oil particles to the lubrication points of machine tools and cutting applications; 
- the FemtoPump, the new compact electric grease pump characterized by high versatility, with multiple possibilities of configuration depending on the application;
- the innovative electric pumps Bravo 4.0 and Smart 4.0, two solutions with IoT features, ideal for optimizing the production of machinery operating in different industrial sectors.  

 And much more…

Visit our stand to discover the advantages offered by our lubrication solutions! Our consultants will help you choose the most suitable lubrication system, to increase the productivity of your machine, ensuring precision, performance and cutting-edge technology!