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Rolling mill- Air/Oil

Rolling mill air-oil automatic lubrication

In Rolling Mill applications, bearing temperatures are lower than casting applications, but rotation speed tend to be higher.
One system design characteristics is that the lubrication system has to cover a greater length due to the length of a roller section of a plant. 

For this reason, lubrication systems tend to be designed in a mixed fashion – a dual line system is used to cover the length of the rolling mill and then sub zones are made using Dropsa’s SMX Redbase Air/Oil volumetric distribution system.

Dropsa has been a pioneer of Air / Oil technology in such applications and is a strong promoter of volumetric technology in metering of micro oil quantities for these applications. 
Unlike other systems that have restrictive “splitter” devices to attempt to divide the air/oil mixture, the Dropsa volumetric approach allows you to have full assurance, with electronic monitoring and confirmation, that the exact amount of micro oil lubrication reaches every single point.  Many of our customers who have used splitter type devices in the past have been amazed by the performance they have achieved using volumetric Air/oil lubrication 

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System Overview:

Total Number of Points:               from 50 to 600
Lubricant:                                    CLP 220 
Total Oil Volume per cycle:           0,04 cm³/point 
Operating Frequency:                  from 5 to 15 minutes
Length of system:                        from 25 to 150 mt

This case application was implemented using :

Benefits achieved

  • Increased bearing life by over 10 times
  • Productivity increased many times over due to reduced changeouts
  • 100% monitoring of Oil injection to every single lubrication point
  • Monitoring of Air Flow and consumption
  • Quick diagnostic of any potential problems.

System design

Automatic lubrication


air-oil automatic lubrication