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UltraSensor 2

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UltraSensor 2

Ultra small, Ultra fast, Ultra reliable

Key features:
- Max. Cycle per minute: 1000
- Voltage: 8 ÷ 28 V DC
- Short circuit protection: YES
- Protection degree: IP 67
- Operating temperature: -10 °C ÷ +60 °C (-4 °F ÷ +158 °F)
- Connector: M12x1
- Output signals: NPN 2A N.O. PNP 0,7A N.O.


The UltraSensor 2 has been designed as a next generationreplacement of Proximity and micro switch systems, for monitoring spool movementin progressive divider elements.
A single model will work with all standardSMX, SMP, SMO, nP and nPR+ divider blocks as a screw-on accessory withoutrequiring special arrangement or modification to the spool.

The patentedconcept works by monitoring magnetic flux variations through a Hall-effectsensor as the spool enters the sensing range. There are no moving parts whichmeans the solid state device is completely wear free.

- Power-on diagnostic LED- Metallic connector
- Short-circuit protection
- Advanced sensing algorithm 
- Interference resistant circuitry more robust than a normal prox. switch!
- Protection against reverse polarity.





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