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Port crane: Dropsa application description

Port crane


A company leader in steel industry,  was installing all the components both hydraulic, water and lubrication system in a port crane to be installed in Genk, (Belgium), but that is being manufactured in Bilbao’s Harbour.

They needed a local support to supervise the lubrication systems installation, which consist in some progressive systems in Stainless Steel AISI 316 to lubricate mainly the bearings on the basis of the platform, and the plain bearings installed in the arms of the crane.


Dropsa application description  

Sumo II

It was determined a progressive system with a Mini Sumo pump, including a grease filter to guarantee the cleaning of the NLGI2 Grease used, and SMX progressive distributors in Stainless Steel AISI 316, all of them monitorized with the Ultrasensor 2.

In that case, not only we have to supply the initial list of goods, also be ready to adapt our distributors to the number of lubrication points that finally were decided by the  Assembling team.
Then, in the middle of August 2018, we had to convert 5 units of SMX 6 outlets in SMX with 2 outlets in 24 h. to permit the workers to keep working on it. We did it through our new local assistance in Barcelona. 

Benefits achieved
A complete system to automatize the lubrication plan of this huge machine, but in parallel with all the benefits on being flexible to add or remove lubrication points in the middle of the installation.

Fully electronic control about the correct function of the Lubrication System through the Ultrasensor 2 technology and the guarantee of our fully tested DropsA components to work in a complicated marine environment with our Stainless Steel range of SMX Progressive Distributors, in addition to our Ultrasensor 2 in
Stainless Steel, (always AISI 316).


This case application was implemented using


SMX progressive distributors in stainless steel AISI 316