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SMX Stainless Steel

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SMX Stainless Steel Progressive dividers

Easy and flexible assembly and low cost maintenance

Key features:
- Material AISI 316 and AISI 303
- The two outputs are combined by replacing the adapter. Just keep in stock a single element
- Air bleed valves built into both sides of the base
- SAE Metric - BSP - NPTF threads available.
- Operates at 500 bar (7350 psi).

- Grease and oil functioning
- Full monitoring controls.
- The bases are always supplied complete with standard 'O' rings and fixing screws.


The modular system consists of two main components: the base and the metering elements.
The modular progressive distributor is available in stainless steel Aisi 316 and AISI 303.
Bridge joints have been removed and are now replaced by  bridge metering elements which transfer the flow within the block.
The assembly of metering elements also allows you to create groups of lubrication points.
The base assembly can be mounted and piped up without the metering elements. This provides the most advantageous routing of pipe work and the elements can then be fitted to suit.
Due to the modular concept, the system can be easily extended with extra components at a low cost.

The new element marking obtained by a new laser system introduced at our facility in 2008, now includes:

- The Part Number
- The Work Order (batch) Number
- The SMX or SMO identification symbol
- Metering quantity in cm3 and cu.inch
- The "CE" Mark

Additionally, our divider elements and bases have now been all certified for use in ATEX (hazardous area) as standard. The elements therefore have the ATEX "Ex II2GD" category mark.






Manuals and 3D Models

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    Part numbers - Models found

    Availability Part Number Description Price Lot Size Buy
    0641515 SMX-END BASE BSP
    0641827 SMX-BRIDGE 04LR CC
    0641829 SMX-ELEMENT+ PIN.04 CC
    0646512 SMX-INLET BASE ST. STEEL 316
    0646513 SMX-INTER BASE 1/8 BSP SS 316
    0646515 SMX-FINAL BASE ST. STEEL 316
    0646516 SMX-EL .08CC-1-2 OUTLETS-316
    0646517 SMX-EL .16CC-1-2 OUTLETS-316
    0646518 SMX-EL .25CC-1-2 OUTLETS-316
    0646519 SMX-EL .35CC-1-2 OUTLETS-316
    0646520 SMX-EL .40CC-1-2 OUTLETS-316
    0646521 SMX-EL .50CC-1-2 OUTLETS-316
    0646522 SMX-EL .60CC-1-2 OUTLETS-316
    0646523 SMX-EL .65CC-1-2 OUTLETS-316
    0646524 SMX-EL .04CC-1-2 OUTLETS-316

    Part numbers - Accessories found

    Availability Part Number Description Price Lot Size Buy

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    • Progress dispensers
    Flow rate
    • 0,04 cc/cycle
    Inlet thread
    • 1/4 BSP
    • Oil/Grease
    Output Thread
    • 1/8 BSP
    Working Pressure
    • 400 Bar (5800 Psi)