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A simple yet versatile pneumatic pump ideal for use in small and medium system

Key features:
- Single-Acting Pneumatic Pump
- Pump: 2 cm³ / Cycle
- Ratio: 50:1
- 0.5 and 2Kg Grease Reservoir with spring loaded Follower plate
- Minimum Level Sensor as standard
- Air pressure from 44 to 88 psi (3 to 6 Bar)
- Pump  grease up to NLGI 2 
- Working temperature: from 41 to  122 °F


The LOCOPUMP S3 grease is an ideal single acting pneumatic grease pump generally used in single line progressive divider lubrication systems such as nP - nPr, SMX, SMO, SMP or SMPM.

LOCOPUMP S3 is equipped with 2 different reservoirs, 0.5 Kg for small areas, and 2 kg, both with spring loaded follower
plate, which means it can easily handle NLGI grade 2 grease.

The transparent reservoir allows the user to clearly see the quantity of grease remaining and a low level grease switch is present to provide remote alarm signals to the machine it is mounted on. Additionally, the reservoir lid can be modified to install a High level or a Dropsa continual level sensing device.

High Reliability is guaranteed by the use of steel in the construction in all the pumping element components and the pump piston is manufactured in ground hardened steel.

The pump provides a simple but very cost effective solution for use on many small to mid range grease lubrication systems and is ideal to be used on machines where compressed air is available.





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