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The simple and versatile oil pump for progressive systems

Key features:
- Pumping system: single acting pneumatic piston
- Control air supply pressure: 3 ~ 6 bar
- Flow rate: 2 cm³ / stroke
- Compression ratio: 50:1 
- Reservoir: 3 l 
- Lubricant: oil 32 - 1000 cSt 
- Operating temperature: +5 ~ +50 °C
- Total piston stroke: 36.5 mm
- Piston working stroke: 29.2 mm


Loco-oil is a single acting pneumatic pump, generally used in lubrication systems with nP - nPr+, SMX, SMO, SMP and SMPM single line progressive systems.
The transparent reservoir allows you to see the remaining quantity of oil clearly and a minimum level detection sensor allows remote alarm signals to be sent to the monitoring equipment. 
Furthermore, the reservoir cover can be modified to install a DropsA maximum level detection device.

The pump is fitted with a filling filter that guarantees the intake of clean lubricant into the reservoir.
The product's high reliability is also guaranteed by the use of steel in the construction of all the pumping components. 

Loco-oil is the simple and effective solution for the lubrication of wood, marble and glass working machinery.
It is ideal for use on small and medium-size machinery where compressed air is available.





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    3414067 PNEUMATIC PUMP-50:1-3LT

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