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Pump Series 31070

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Pump Series 31070

Hydraulically driven pump

Key features:
- Viscosity of the lubricant at working temperature: between 115 - 2000 cSt
- Working temperature: + 5 - + 50 °C
- Working humidity: 90 % relative humidity
- Preservation temperature: - 20 - + 50 °C
- Sound pressure level: < 70 dB(A)


The pump is of robust construction, with a high strength light alloy cast body, or a sheet steel body, and a lapped steel piston.
The pump unit is made up of a cylinder in which operates a piston with an oilproof seal; a spring returns the piston to its start position.
The pump must be provided with a three way electrical or mechanical distribution device, that is line-cylinder-discharge.






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