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Pump Series 1222000

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Pump Series 1222000

Key features:
- Delivery: 250 cm3/min
- Pressure: 100 bar max
- Lubricant: 15 to 1000 Cst. At normal fluid temperature
- Motor: Three phase 220/380 V - 50 Hz
- Protection: IP 55
- Reservoir: 6 litre steel with low level indicator
- Lubricant outlet: G 3/8 UNI-ISO 228/1
- Pressure regulating valve: set to 90 bar
- Inlet filter: 250 micron


Electronic gear pump for dual-line lubrification systems

These pumps have been designed to offer a solid and functional lubrication unit, which will feed and control the correct operation of double line oil systems.

The unit consists of:
- gear pump, output 250 cc/min., driver by a 3-phase electric motor
- 6 litre capacity sheet steel reservoir
- hydraulic invertor
- gauge, signalling the pressure in the line connected to the pump.

The gauge will also signal (with a temporary zero setting), the moment at which the lines' inversion takes place.
The hydraulic invertor will automatically feed the two lubricating lines alternatively.
A further warranty of the system's safety is given by a Reed contact in the reservoir's electric minimum level
switch. A pressure switch ( for pump model 1222070 only) will check the safe operation of the system by signalling to an electric panel (available on request) that the line pressure has reached the set value.






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    1222070 PUMP - E-PUMP 250CC 6LT + PRESSURE SWITC

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