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DropsA Germany at the 2019 EMO Hannover Trade Show

EMO Hannover 2019

Automatic lubrication for the metalworking industry

DropsA Germany will be at the 2019 EMO show, the major global trade show dedicated to the metalworking industry that will be held in Hannover (Germany) from 16 through 21 September.

DATE: from 16th to 21st September 2019
LOCATION: Exhibition district, 30521 Hannover (Germany)

The metalworking industry is a sector in continuous evolution, with the constant development of new instruments used in all area of production. From 16 through 21 September, come visit our stand and discover the latest technologies for automatic tool machinery lubrication in metal processing. Lubrication of this complex machinery is essential for reducing friction and the component wear generated by the high operating level, as well as guaranteeing maximum reliability, drastically reducing machine stoppages and waste of the lubricant used.


Solutions for every type of machinery
DropsA has developed a range of solutions for automatic lubrication of the machinery used for the metalworking sector:

 - The Omega Automatica 4.0 pump, an electric grease pump with a touch screen display and an electronic board to configure and control the features, even remotely over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection to an external device.

- Technology for minimal lubrication, MiQueL, which replaces the traditional refrigerant with an ultra thin flow of air/oil mixture that guarantees high performance with a favourable environmental impact.

- The entire family of progressive dosing units: the SMX/SMO which guarantee precise lubrication, maximising the efficiency of the lubrication systems, and the nPR+ (nano Progressive Replaceable) and nP (nano Progressive) dosing units, ideal for providing a minimum but accurate dosage of oil or grease in tight spaces.

- Vip4Air, the minimal air/oil lubrication panel featuring a self-bleeding system and a “cycle completed” sensor, ideal for the micro-lubrication of high speed bearings and gears.

For more information contact us or visit the official website of the trade fair>>