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MiQueL Air/Oil near dry machining lubrication system

MQL and near dry machining lubrication system with pneumatic control

Key features:
- Constant delivey even if the pressure change in input and output
- Reservoir capacity: 1L - 3L
- Delivery: variable, 0- 2  cc/ min
- Air and Oil delivery regulation for each single element

- MiQuel BASE: A/O modular system without compensation valve without independent solenoid control N(1÷8)modules
-MiQueL BASE-i: A/O modular system with independent solenoid control without compensation valve N(1÷8) modules
-MiQueL BASE-i IP65: Air/Oil Modular Minimal System without compensation valve with independent control solenoid valve Degrees of protection IP65
- MiQueL PRO: A/O Flow compensating system without independent solenoid control N(1÷8) modules
- MiQueL PRO-i: A/O flow compensating system with independent solenoid control
-MiQueL BASE NO-EV: Air/Oil modular minimal system withoutcompensation valve withpneumatic valve for independent control
-MiQueL CART -i: Air/Oil modular minimal system without compensation valve and oil adjustment with solenoid valve for independent control


Efficient and complete - MiQueL is designed for near dry machining lubrication for machine tools, machine for cut and fold sheet metal, steel mills, it can be used on all the systems that need a calibrate lubrication and a functions control. 
It is possible to insert till 8 elements connected among themselves that, anytime, can be excluded or activated singularly, through integrated electrovalve.

Useful and easy to use foreach single element it is possible to control individually oil and air delivery. 

Clean - The system includes a device that, completed the lubrication cycle, guarantees that the lubricant does not drop.

The MiQueL modular system has been designed for lubricating machine tools in general, machines for cutting and folding sheet metal, steelworks, and anywhere that a precise and calibrated lubrication with control of all functions is required.





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