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Pump Series 201000

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Pump Series 201000

Pneumatically operated pump

Key features:
- Lubricant outlet: Rp ¼ BSPT tube seating Ø 8 mm (0.3 in)
- Compressed air inlet: G 1/8 BSPT tube seating Ø 6 mm (0.2 in)
- Lubricant: NLGI 00 or NLGI 2 grease according to the specific pump model
- Working pressure: from 2 to 8 bar (from 29.4 to 117.6 psi)
- Working temperature: -5 °C ÷ + 70 °C (23 °F ÷ 158 °F)
- Operating humidity: 90 % rel
- Min and Max with reed type magnetic contact
- Max. Voltage 220 V DC
- Max. Power 20 W at 26 V AC
- Level of continuous sound pressure <>


The pneumatic pump is designed to be utilized in mineral oil and grease lubrication systems.
201000 series is particulary indicated for lubrication systems with progressive valves.

The modularity concept of the pump allows to assemble to the basic pump unit three different types of reservoir for oil or grease, depending on the application requested.

The pump assembly is fitted with:
- a steel body with a hardened and lapped piston;
- the pneumatic command assembly consisting of an aluminium cylinder wherein a piston operates with an oil resistant rubber seal;
- a double spring ensuring the returning of the piston to its start position. 





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