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Pneumatically driven pump Series 233000 & 234000

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Pneumatically driven pump Series 233000 & 234000

For oil and grease for dual line systems

- Compression ratio: 40:1
- Command air pressure: minimum 4 bar (0.4 MPa) - maximum 10 bar (1 MPa) - recommended 7 bar (0.7 MPa)
- Lubricant outlet : G 1/4 UNI-ISO 228/1 (1/4 Gas)
- Compressed air inlet: G 1/4 UNI-ISO 228/1 (1/4 Gas)
- Delivery flow rate: 400 gr. of grease/min with an air pressure of 10 bar



These powerful, robust and long lasting pumps, mounted on commercial drums, are used for transferring light greases, lubricants and other non-corrosive fluids or, fitted with a flexible hose and gun, for filling grease cups or small tanks in the industrial and automotive fields. 
Another interesting application of this type of pump is in the lubrication field where its capacity to deliver large quantities at a high working pressure renders it particularly suitable for feeding centralised progressive systems.

The pump is made up of a motor assembly with a synthetic rubber piston, particularly resistant to abrasion, moved from top to bottom (and vice-versa) by a compressed air jet, and a pump rod with a chromed piston, connected to the motor piston. 
The lubricant is primed on the upstroke of the piston filling the lower chamber of the pump rod or the priming chamber and from here, through a non-return valve, passes to the upper chamber (high pressure chamber).
In the successive downstroke phase, the piston forces this quantity of lubricant through the pump outlet and, simultaneously, refills the priming chamber so repeating the cycle.

The following accessories can be supplied on request:

Pressure disk - to be used when the pump is mounted directly on a commercial grease drum. This disk acts to maintain the grease compact and to avoid the formation of air bubbles in the feed line so prejudicing the the functioning of the system.

Lid - made for mounting this type of pump, substituting the original drum lid.

Suction filter - to be mounted on the pump dip tube as the lubricants supplied in commercial drums are not always free from impurities.

The versions for double lines are complete with a tank of 5 Kg/lt. In sheet steel, minimum level electrical contact, filling valve, hydraulic inverter and pressure gauge; these are suitable for the lubrication of small to medium sized machinery.




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