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The flexible high performance solution for explosion risk environments

Key features:
- Protective casing for explosive environments
- Quick swap pump modules means zero downtown and disruption to pipe - work during pump maintenance.
- High output and pressure make large extended systems possible
- Flow rate (2 pumping elements): 380 cc/min
- Degree of motor protection: IP65
- Maximum operating pressure: 400 Bar (5800 psi) 
- Electrical dual line inverter integrates directly onto outlet
- Minimum level capacitive switch and visual maximum level as standard
- Lubricants: Oil Min. 32 cSt; Grease Max. NLGI2


The pump for explosion risk environments (ATEX)

The SUMO II ATEX electric pump is the ideal solution for reliable performance in difficult conditions.

It is equipped with protective casing for use in explosion risk environments (ATEX), Zone 1 and 21, Zone 2 and 22, and generally with all the most difficult environmental conditions.

SUMO II ATEX can be used both with Dual Line system, ideal for large machines, and with the Progressive System, that allow the metered dispensing of grease to each lubrication point with a total control of the system.

Quick Swap System
Both pumping modules can be quickly replaced from the front mounting of the pump. No pipe work needs to be disrupted meaning near-zero downtime during maintenance.

The SUMO II ATEX pump find application in explosive environments and in general on machinery operating in heavy industry and demanding conditions, such as steel industry, pulp & paper, cement works, steel plant, Offshore, large cranes and loading equipment.






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    2531011-0100 SUMO II GREASE 30KG-ATEX

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