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Supply up to 35 grease points with one pump

Key features:
- Pumping system: Single acting pump elements with cam activation
- Drive assembly: DC motor with gearbox
- Motor operating voltage: 12V DC - 24V DC
- Number of outlets / pumping max.: 12 – 24 – 35
- Output connection (pumping outlet): Push-in Ø4
- Max pressure achievable  at the outlet of the pumping: 80 bar
- Reservoir Capacity:  4 l (1.06 gallons) and 0,5 l (0.13 gallons)
- Grease capability: NLGI00 ÷ NLGI2
- Operating temperature: 14°F ÷ 140°F (-10°C ÷ +60°C)
- Storage temperature: -4°F ÷ 176°F (-20°C ÷ +80°C)


The compact multi-outlet grease with follower plate

The electrically driven PoliPUMP FP is the quick, simple and cost effective solution for lubricating up to 35 grease points without the need to design complex lubrication systems.

The follower plate and stirring paddle system keep the grease from separating and allows the pump to operate correctly even when it is upside down.

The new PoliPUMP FP is available with two different reservoir of 4L and 0.5L for smaller spaces.

No external metering valves or cycle sensors are required. Just run the pipework and you are ready to go.

The multi point lubricator is user-friendly, in fact the user can configures the standard pump that not contain any pumping elements and choose the pump elements sizes for the installation. It has many applications including vehicle, mobile, machine tools and any type of device or machinery that requires grease lubrication from 1 to 35 lubrication points.


Manuals and 3D Models

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