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The Electric barrel pump ready to be used on Progressive and Dual Line Lubrication systems

Key features:
- Supply voltage 230V/400V 3Ph - 50Hz
- Flow 125 cm3/min
- Maximum Pressure 250 bar
- Pump type Piston mechanism
- Outlet Connection 3/8" BSP
- Drum Capacity 20Kg/25Kg - 50Kg - 180Kg/200Kg
- Lubricant Grease NGLI 2 max
- Degree of protection IP55
- Motor Asynchronous motor B14 - 3Ph - 4p - 230V/400V - 50Hz 0,55Kw - 1400 rpm
- Gear Reducer Screw and helical wheel R=50/1
- Drum Fixture Includes radially located retaining screws.
- Pressure By-pass Integrated adjustable 80 ÷ 250 bar
- Return Line for Dual Line systems Port 1/4" BSP


The CannonPump has been designed to meet the requirement of designers that require a traditional barrel pump approach to system design when no compressed air is available.
The pump operates completely with the use of a 3 Phase Motor to provide generous flow and pressure characteristics that allow it to be used even on medium to large systems.
In particular, when equipped with a Dual Line invertor, the pump can be used to pump lubricant in a dual line system with the advantage that the pump is already equipped with a Grease return line that is piped internally through stem back to the reservoir.






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