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Electric Pump Mini Sumo II

High performance for medium-larges machinery

Key features:
- Dual module pumping element
- Laser minimum level as standard 
- Compatible with: 02 System - 26 System
- Reservoir capacity: 10 KG, 30 KG, 100 KG
- Flow rate: 110 cc/min (with 2 pumping elements)
- Maximum operating pressures: 380 bar
- Temperature of use: from -10°C to +50°C


Oil and grease lubrication for medium-sized systems

The Mini-SUMO II electric pump is the solution designed for medium-large sized systems that use both oil and grease with NLGI2 maximum consistency.

Combined with the dual-line dividers it makes up the 02 system which, thanks to the two feed lines, is able to cover lengths up to 60 m and it is able to lubricate multiple points on large-scale machinery in harsh operating conditions..

Thanks to the DUAL PUMPING ELEMENT feature, the system is always efficient because it can continue to operate even if one of the two modules were to stop.

ZERO machine stoppage during maintenance
The QUICK SWAP SYSTEM allows both PUMPING ELEMENTS positioned on the right side of the pump to be replaced in just a few seconds, without touching the connections.

The pump is ideal for use, not only in large-scale systems, but also medium-sized ones. It is generally used in a dual-line lubrication system located on cranes, port cranes, presses, shearers and small steel plant systems.
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