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33V Injector Series

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V33 Injector Series

Positive Displacement Injectors

Key features:                                                                     
- Delivery: 0.03 - 0.16 / 0.20-0.50 / 0.75- 1.00 
- Minimum pressure: bar 12(175)           
- Maximum pressure:bar 50 (725)              
- Maximum pressure of release:  bar  4 (58)                
- Lubricant: Oil 32-2000 cSt ;  Grease    NLGI 0                         
- Minimum time of release (second): 32-250 cSt; 10  260-1000 cSt; 200  NLGI 0 200


The 33V injector System is one of the latest direct positive displacement injector technology developed by Dropsa.
The technology provides precise and failsafe dosage of oil independently from viscosity, temperature or pressure.
The new cartridge format allows substantial new application possibilities. It also is entirely produced, assembled and tested on an automated production line offering great cost saving and excelent quality.
When combined with a competitive pump package such as the electrically driven Smart Pump, a high performance system can be obtained at prices previously only available choosing a Manual Orifice systems.
Our push-lock system allows further installation costs reduction.
Product Features:
* 1/8"-1/8" BSP injector cartridge allows many new configurations.
* Parallel thread and soft seal to automotive specifications.
* Point mounting, Manifold mounting and Internal mounting possibilities.
* Can be designed directly into machine casting.
* High Reliability. The 33V Injectors are fully assembled, tested and certified on a robotic system.






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