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DL-1 Injectors

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DL-1 Injectors

Key features:
- Maximum operating pressure: 3500 psi (250 bar)
- Minimum operating pressure: 1850 psi(130 bar)
- Suggested operating pressure: 2500 psi(172 bar)
- Reset pressure: 600 psi(41 bar)
- Output volume per cycle Adjustable: 0.008 - 0.100 cu in.(0.13 - 1.3 cc)
- Recommended lubricant: Grease Max NLGI 2


The DL-1 injector was developed to provide precise lubricant to the lubrication point  through the pressure of the supply line. 
This allows for many DL1s to be installed in line within a small space envelope. 

The flow is adjustable from the outside which allows for the user to set the required lubricant. These injectors have a visual indication pin incorporated within the valve to confirm proper lubrication. The valves are mounted of manifolds available from 1 to 5 outlets. 

Each DL1 can be easily inspected, assembled or disassembled from the manifold without removing any fittings or tubing. They can be mounted in any direction or mounted on other customised manifolds that DropsA can supply.






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