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A lubrication system for a sluice gate

Lubrication system for grit rake

The Environment Agency in the UK approached DropsA asking for assistance in developing a lubrication system for a sluice gate. A sluice gate is a portal which may be opened or closed to allow or prevent the passage of water through a man-made channel.
Its main purpose is to control water levels and flow rates in rivers and canals. After the success in the UK similar systems were sold in France and Germany.

Lubrication system DropsA


The problem for the environment agency was that the sluice gates needed to be serviced at regular intervals. The lubrication system would remove that service visit and associated costs.

A lubrication system for a sluice gate is quite complex for several reasons. Firstly , parts of the lubrication system may be in contact in water. Secondly, the lubricating points on the sluice gate are dynamic and not static. This means that the DropsA design engineer should choose parts of the system in stainless steel and carefully consider hoses or retractable hose reels for the moving parts.


Benefits achieved

Automatic Lubrication

DropsA proposed Mini-Sumo mounted at the top. Stainless Steel 316 progressive blocks with ultrasensor. Vip5 plus. Stainless Steel pipes and hose reels.


This case application was implemented using: