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Ultrasensor DM/DMM

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Ultra small, Ultra fast, Ultra reliable

Key features:
- Max. Cycle per minute: 1000
- Voltage: 8 ÷ 28 V DC
- Short circuit protection: YES
- Protection degree: IP 67
- Operating temperature: -10 °C ÷ +60 °C (-4 °F ÷ +158 °F)
- Connector: M12x1
- Output signals: NPN 2A N.O. PNP 0,7A N.O.


The UltraSensor has been designed as a next generation replacement of Proximity and Micro switch systems for monitoring spool movement in progressive divider elements.

Ultrasensor DM will work with standard DM/DMM divider blocks as a screw‐on accessory without requiring special arrangement or modification to the spool.

The patented concept works by monitoring magnetic flux variations through a hall‐effect sensor as the spool enters the sensing range.
NPN and PNP connection options are standard within the same sensor.





Manuals and 3D Models

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