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Power Plant

Stadtwerke Dusseldorf uses a Dropsa high-tech automatic lubrication system

Incineration plant: automatic lubrication system

The Stadtwerke Dusseldorf supply energy and water for the city of Dusseldorf.

Using an incineration plant, public waste is put to good use.
The more efficient the origin of the energy is, fewer natural resources are consumed and lower are the emissions as well as the losses in transforming the energy.

automatic lubrication system


The Stadtwerke selected Dropsa to supply the Oil lubrication system and to renew the pipe installation of the existing water cooling system.


Benefits achieved

DropsA lubrication system

With the Dropsa Flowmaster and Fact 2000 technology a fully automatic, self-adjusting oil circulation system was designed, that adjusts the flow rate independent of temperature and viscosity and guarantees an exact quantity of lubrication to the bearings.
In case of a disruption to the lubrication system, the central monitoring panel signals an alarm on the local display and to a remote monitoring station.

Dropsa acted very quickly in designing and installing the System and the Stadtwerke were fully satisfied with the excellent service provided.


This case application was implemented using:


Incineration plant: lubrication system