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Fact 2000

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Fact 2000

Flow Rate Meter

- Power supply Automatic range: 85÷260VAC - 50/60 Hz
- Power absorption: 30 W
- Input signals Flow meters: 24 V DC
- Output signals: ⇒ Servo Motors control for motorized Flowmaster 12 VDC 
                           ⇒ Remote alarm 250 V 1A (switch)
- Max Distance between FACT-2000 and FACT-Expander: 20 m (55 ft)
- Operating temperature: - 5°C ÷ + 55°C (-41°F ÷ +131°F)
- Storage temperature: -20°C ÷ +65°C (-68°F ÷ +149°F)
- Operating humidity: 90% max

Fact expander
Fact expander

Monitor and control

In medium/large lubrication systems it is often necessary to monitor separately  and control the flow of each  lubrication points. FACT-2000 was designed to monitor and control (via motorized Flowmasters) the lubricant flow. This controller is particularly suitable for medium/large lubrication systems.
System modularity allows system expansion without replacing the controller. Each FACT-2000 can monitor and control up to 16 Flowmasters, both manual and/or motorized.
The following accessories extend FACT-2000 monitoring and control power:
- Fact Expander: expansion to be connected to central unit. It can control further 16 Flowmasters. Controller can be connected to other 3 expansion units, reaching a whole capacity of control of 64 Flowmasters. Fact Expanders can be connected to FACT-2000 in cascade and are automatically configured.
- FACT software: a software to control remotely (by serial line RS-485) up to 32 controllers: so a PC, remotely holding 32 controllers (each controller connected to 3 expansions in cascade), can control up to 2048 flowmasters.




Manuals and 3D IGS Models

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