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Pump Series 65000

  2. Part Numbers
Pump Series 76534 Version

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This electic pump is designed for the lubrication of a double line, operating in difficult and heavy conditions.
The alternating supply of lubricant in the two lines is ensured by a mechanical device located in the casing of pump.
Lubrication occurs after a predetermined interval, as appropriate.
It consists of a main piston and a valve in treated and rectified steel, working in a body of special cast iron.
The pump is equipped with a valve to control the pressure from 30 to 150 bar, and the two gauges do not require any special maintenance.

It is made in four main versions:
- gear ratio with 1 / 15
- gear ratio with 1 / 30
- gear ratio with 1 / 30
- with command-oscillating




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