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Automatic lubrication of bottling machines

DropsA has used its knowledge and experience to design and install an automatic lubrication system on a bottling machine.

This lubrication solution was developed for “Barida International”, a company operating in the oenological sector, manufacturing bottling machinery.

DropsA provided the first lubrication system to be installed on this type of machinery.

This machine, called the “Isobaric filling Monobloc”, has the task of rinsing bottles, filling them, and the final capping process, utilizing three alternative capping systems: screw, plastic welding, or “stelvin” (screw cap).

The bottling machine has several moving parts, such as rotation points and bearings, that are responsible for the machine’s operation and must be lubricated in a constant and precise method to avoid the risk of stoppages and to ensure maximum reliability during operation.


Description of the DropsA application

After evaluating the characteristics of the machine, an automatic grease lubrication system was designed consisting of the Locopump S3 pump, a progressive divider nP (consisting of 6 elements with 12 outputs) and an Ultrasensor.

This solution was proposed as the customer needed complete control of the lubrication cycle. Thanks to the Ultrasensor, mounted on the progressive divider, it is possible to constantly monitor the movement of the pistons inside the divider, which subsequently provides a delivery of grease.

The option of the Locopump S3 as a grease pump was selected due to its ability to be installed in any position, a feature that makes it easy to place it in a strategic position on the machine.

Benefits achieved
Thanks to this type of grease lubrication system, it is possible to provide the proper amount of lubricant to the rotation points of the bottling machine, automatically ensuring correct and continuous operation.

The automatic lubrication system also reduces manual interventions and prevents maintenance costs and down time.


This application was implemented using


Pompa Locopump S3
Dosatore progressivo nP