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1 Liter reservoir

A Complete range of components, lubricants and accessories to realise your solution for Air/Oil and Dry Machining Applications

Key features:
- Operating Air Pressure: 5 ÷ 8 bar (74 ÷ 118 psi)
- Operating Temperature: -10 ÷ +80 °C (14°F ÷ 176°F)
- Humidity: 90% max
- Lubricants: Dropsa LRT Oils
- Level Switch, Max Load: 50 W
- Level Switch, Max Current: 1 A
- Level Switch, Max Voltage: 220 V AC


3 Liter reservoir

By using the VIP4Tools product range you can take full advantage of recent advances in machine tool and lubricant technology to achieve substantial cost saving and environmental benefits.

The aim of Dry machining is to create a thin lubricant film between the tool and the part being machined.

The Vip4Tool main unit can be fitted with a pneumatic timer, that automatically cycles the system or alternatively with a 3-way solenoid valve for applications where the time interval is controlled by the host machine.

Additionally each lubrication outlet can be individually regulated from 0-30 mm³ of oil discharge.

Dropsa has two specially developed lubricants for use on Dry machining applications: optimised either for Aluminum or Steel machining, both are completely non-toxic.

Included with the Lubricant is a Spec sheet giving recommendations on volume and pressure requirements for a variety of machining operations.

To get the most from your installation, select from a range of spray, flexible hoses and fixing accessories.





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