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Pump PRM

Pump PRM

Multi-outlet pump for oil 

- Pumping system: 6 cam-operated pistons
- Flow rate: 0.015 cm3/cycle ÷ 0.06 cm3/cycle
- Pump speed (downstream from the reduction base): Max. 45
-  Number of outlets: Max. 12 
- Delivery connection (outlet): Push-in Ø 4 mm [Ø0.157in]
- Suction connection (input): Push-in Ø 8 mm [Ø0.315in]
- Storage temperature:  -15°C ÷ +90°C [+5°F ÷ +194°F]
- Lubricant: 15 cSt ÷ 1000 cSt
-  Reduction fittings: 2.2:1 - 8:1 - 8.75:1 - 25:1 - 50:1 


The “PRM” is a multi-point piston pump operated by a cam system and designed to feed several independent lines up to a maximum of 12 outlets. 

The pump has been designed for single-point lubrication systems in agricultural and various kinds of machinery for use with oil and has been designed to operate with a maximum of six easily adjustable pistons.

The PRM is available invarious reduction ratios allowing greater flexibility of use depending on the type of application. Being available in different versions to choose from depending on the reduction ratio necessary, there are also variants with a flange.

The features of the PRM pump make it ideal for the automatic lubrication of chains of agricultural machinery, such as combine harvesters, balers, hay harvesters, mowers, fertiliser spreaders, potato harvesters and disc mowers. 



Manuals and 3D Models

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    Part numbers - Models found

    Availability Part Number Description Price Lot Size Buy
    0146204-000000 PRM12B8,75S PUMP - FLANGED

    Part numbers - Accessories found

    Availability Part Number Description Price Lot Size Buy
    0092335 CHECK VALVE 1/8 FOR 6MM TUBE
    0911096 PUSH-IN 90 G1/8 D4
    3084672 PUSH-IN 90 G1/8 D8
    3232098 PLUG-1/8 BSP X8 WITH SEALER

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