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Pressurized grease reservoirs suitable

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Key features:
- Air feeding pressure: 2 bar (use purified, lubricated air if at all possible)
- Air relief valve setting: 3 bar
- Grease relief valve setting: 6 bar
- Sealed microswitches
- Cast light alloy heads
- Flange with 1/2" gas thread bottom hole complete with 200-micron metal mesh strainer and 1/2" male gas thread
reservoir-filler fitting.


This new type of reservoir has been specifically designed to obviate all the difficulties that are normally associated with the use of contaminated, non-deaerated greases with low penetration indexes.
It consists of a ground cylinder, a piston with a double seal gasked, a level-gauge rod, an electic minimum-level indicator, a relief valve and a pump-mounting flange complete with filterer and filler valve.
These reservoirs may be installed on several types of grease pumps in ACCUMO, SERIAL or DUAL LINE system through appropriate connecting flangers.





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