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Drain Reservoir

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Drain Reservoir

Key features:
- Reservoir capacity: 3 Litres
- Inlet drain port: 1/8" UNI ISO 228/1
-Two way valve: 3/8" UNI ISO 228/1



Hydraulic Cylinder Gland Drains

Cylinder seal life depends on many conditions. One of these conditions is the cylinders work cycle. Hydraulic cylinder with large rod diameter, long strokes and high cycle rates will eventually have seal wear.
Because of seal wear many end users have specified that cylinders have gland grain porting. When this port is piped to the gland reservoir any leakage will be captured.

This port is located between the rod seal and the rod wiper. A hydraulic cylinder may have a small amount of hydraulic oil that escapes part the rod seal during a "start up" period.
The gland drain reservoir will capture this leakage as well.

Gland Drain Reservoir - Benefits
OSHA requires that work environments have dry floors. When a cylinder has a gland drain port piped to a reservoir it will keep the
floor oil free.
If the end user has a preventative maintenance plan a gland drain
reservoir becomes an important part of the equipment. The gland drain reservoir allows a visual or electrical indication of seal wear.
Each drain line coming back to the reservoir identifies the cylinder that it is piped to. Any excess leakage can be noted and repairs can be planned.
The gland drain reservoir eliminates cylinder leakage from entering areas such as coolant, water or other oil systems. The gland drain reservoir can help maintain the integrity of the hydraulic systems.

When the reservoirs are used the oil can be disposed of properly or
recycled for future use






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