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New Mini Sumo II pump

Mini Sumo II pump

High performance for medium-large size systems

Mini Sumo II is the new electric pump designed for installation in medium and large size systems that use both grease and oil.

Thanks to the increased flow rate, it provides higher performance than the previous version, with the dual pumping element that always guarantees maximum efficiency of the system that can even operate in the event that one of the two modules stops. 

Furthermore, the quick swap system lets you replace the pumping modules easily without having to touch the system connections, reducing machine stoppage times to zero.


A powerful and versatile solution
The versatility of the Mini Sumo II pump makes it easy to adapt to the various application needs, always maintaining the same operational standards, making different configuration modes available.

Using it with a type of progressive dosing units, it is used with the series 26 progressive series which uses only one feed line which allows complete control of the system through monitoring devices, allowing measured dispensing of grease at each point of the lubrication system.

In combination with the Dual Line dosing units, the pump makes up the 02 system which, thanks to the two feed lines, can lubricate many points, covering up to 60 m of length, and it is capable of lubricating large size machinery in harsh operating conditions, such as in the event of use in damp and dusty environments.

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