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Dual line automatic lubrication system

Key features:
- Temperature range–30°C to + 80°C (-22°F +176°F)
- Frequency:100 cycles/min.
- Max pressure inlet: 400 bar (5800 psi)
- Air pressure: 1.5÷3 bar
- Oil min. viscosity: 15 cSt
- Oil max. viscosity: 460 cSt


Modular metering valves for dual-line Air-Oil system consist of two main parts: Base and metering valve.
Base and metering valves are made of zinc-plated steel and are available with inlets and outlets in UNI-ISO 7/1 (BSP).
The valves can be supplied with adjustable or fixed discharge.
A blanking plate (part-No. 675305 to be ordered separately) can be provided on the base, instead of the metering valve, to accommodate future additional points.

Modular metering valves for dual-line air-oil lubrication offer following benefits:
·       Versatile in layout planning.
·       Flexibility to expand or reduce the number of elements to meet changing requirements.
·       Blanking plate can be provided to accommodate future requirements.
·       Cost reduction on labour and piping: the metering valves can be serviced without disturbing the assembly or existing pipe work.
·       Lower maintenance costs: the modular concept provides lower cost replacement components.
·       Reduced spare parts costs due to the interchange ability of the metering valves and their bases.






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